Do you believe everyone matters, or do you consider yourself better than other people?

An attitude of superiority is repellant. Have you ever been in the presence of someone who has a tendency to put other people down or to compare themselves to others, setting him- or herself in a higher place? If so, I would imagine that you did not feel good about that person.

The way we treat and feel about other people can positively or negatively affect relationships. Leaders have a special challenge when it comes to their ability to motivate and inspire others. No one wants to work with someone who devalues people and places him- or herself above others.

This is one reason why so many people in companies all across the world have “quit” but remain on the payroll.

Companies lose a great deal of money on a daily basis, because of mediocre leaders who have never learned an important lesson—the attitude they bring into work every day and display as they interact with others often shapes the culture of the organizations in which they work.

The Leader Sets the Tone

What tone are you setting with people at work, home, and in your community? Your attitude does not just affect you; it affects the people around you as well. The great thing about attitude is that we can change it. We are not stuck with the attitude we have today. Make the decision to change if you feel the need to do so.

What is your attitude towards the way you live your life on a daily basis?

It is important that you not only believe you can improve but also take steps to do so. I find that very few people are goal-setters. We tend to operate based on the most pressing thing that jumps to the top of the list. This results in a great deal of stress and a lack of control, which tend to affect our attitudes.

Being Your Best Self

Our attitude towards planning, goal setting, and being disciplined about how we invest our limited time can help enable us to be the very best version of ourselves:

  • When we get things in order, we experience less stress.
  • Less stress results in less pressure.
  • With less pressure, we tend to have a more positive approach to the way we live our lives.

We also have the ability to accomplish more with less effort and to experience more joy.

Your attitude toward planning and goal setting can be transformational. This is an area in which it is often beneficial to seek help, perhaps by hiring a coach, or finding a mentor or accountability partner.

My life changed dramatically when I learned to better manage my time and priorities, but developing this understanding was not easy. I had a full-time job and voluntarily assumed a lot of additional responsibilities, such as community service and other obligations, along with taking care of my family. This led to taking on too much, putting too much unneeded pressure on myself, and neglecting important priorities in my life.

As a result, I experienced a period of stress and pressure that certainly affected my attitude. I was neither believing nor doing my best because I felt that I had a huge load to carry. This affected me in ways that I could never have imagined.

Nevertheless, I began to recognize the importance of not just my attitude towards the way I lived my life but also the way I prioritized and managed my time.

If you currently find yourself in this situation, do not lose heart. You can change.

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