Most leaders are over burdened with objectives, which need to be achieved in a relatively short time frame and responsibilities that are never ending. The focus is often on accomplishing the goal of the moment. Afterwards, they are encouraged to move on to the next pressing goal. This leads to a culture of busyness and reluctance to take time to reflect and celebrate success. In my work with coaching clients, I am often met with silence when I ask the question, how will you celebrate your success? It is important that we take time to recognize and enjoy our progress and accomplishments. If we have teams, it is also important that we lead and encourage them to do so as well.

Celebration can be defined as the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity. Taking the time to properly celebrate the achievement of a goal or an objective can be motivational and inspirational. It can also be the impetus for making progress towards the achievement of other goals. A celebration does not need to be anything grand. It can be as simple as sitting and quietly relishing the thought that you achieved something that was very important to you. Going out for ice cream or a cup of coffee could also be a means of celebrating. The options for celebrating success are limitless. It is important that you determine the method of celebrating that is most meaningful to you. If you lead a team, it is important that you do the same for them.

Clearly think through and decide how success will be celebrated at the time goals are established and action steps developed. Make this an essential component of the goal setting process. It will serve to inspire you and those around you to higher levels of performance and success.