When we think of leadership, our thoughts often turn to leading other people. We rarely if ever think of leading ourselves. What qualifies me to lead? Many studies have revealed that very few leaders are deemed effective or worthy of their roles. We often hear the term “leadership crisis” used to describe the situation prevalent in our world today.

He that would govern others, first should be the master of himself.

Philip Massinger, English Dramatist

One possible solution to improving as a leader is placing the primary emphasis on leading self. This starts with gaining clarity around prior conditioning that might be adversely impacting ones ability to lead effectively today. The conditioning often reveals itself in the form of habits that negatively impact the ability of a leader to motivate, inspire and hold others accountable. Assessments and candid feedback are essential to identifying conditioning. This should be followed by a strong goals program, which should include relevant action steps and accountability.

Investing in personal and professional development provides knowledge of self, which is essential in becoming a leader, who positively impacts the lives of individuals they serve.