As you have traveled through life to this point, have you developed goals, or have you merely ended up where any road has taken you? Have you reflected on what you have accomplished, perhaps – fulfilled and unfulfilled – regarding your purpose and/or aspirations in life?

Many times we focus on laboring, caring for others, scurrying to complete tasks on our to-do list – if we take the time to develop one. When we focus on the direction God has designed for us – being intentional about purpose becomes an accomplishable task. Thinking reflectively, monitoring, adjusting, adding and deleting from agendas, celebrating successes and setting and/or re-establishing goals are some practices and approaches we may use.

Intentionality relates to the nature of our minds in areas, such as, believing, perceiving, desiring, hoping, intending, feeling, experiencing, and remembering. (described by Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2016.)

To live an intentional life requires benchmarks of accountability. John Maxwell – in The Maxwell Leadership Bible – states one trait of an effective leader is that a person takes initiative. If we are not focused and intentional (even if we are intentional), many things may distract us such as fear of failure, fear of success, focusing on past negative experiences, being unmotivated, waiting for things to happen for and to us, etc. Moving forward, not allowing a detour to deter our progress but to view it as an opportunity, is helpful in staying on the right path.

Have you recently taken initiative in an area where unintended opportunities may have presented themselves? As the world is constantly and continually changing, have you capitalized on unexpected and inadvertent opportunities? Are you monitoring and adjusting to effectively meet and embrace the future?

We should remember that this world is part of our journey, but certainly not our destination. Therefore, let us live a purposeful and intentional life. We are here to spend our dash (JFM) – space between life and death – to the utmost. Have you been intentional about how you are spending your dash?

Perhaps, this is a good time to go to a quiet place – with minimal to no distractions to think and plan forward, maybe even to journal. Let’s reflect, reassess and continue to make plans and set goals to move forward into new endeavors!

Melinda S. Kelly