I am a believer in the importance of using a telescope, rather than a microscope as we live our lives. Time passes quickly, and we have very little to waste. Being intentional, aware and focused are very useful.

It is also critical to look at big questions such as, “Why am I here?” and “What can be accomplished through me?”

To gain clarity, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are my gifts?
  2. What am I passionate about?
  3. What are some needs I have identified?
  4. What contributions would I like to make during my short time on Earth?
  5. What roles do I play, and with whom do I play them?

The Value of Service

I think one of the reasons we are here is to serve others. That fact can be lost as we strive to achieve and accomplish without a clear understanding of our purpose. There are things much more valuable than what one does, what they have, or how people view them. The relationships we develop and the people we help will live long after we are gone.

What is your purpose and how are you living it out?

If you are not clear on these questions, please seek help. There are many things you can spend your time considering, but gaining clarity about your purpose is one of the most important.

Moving from “What Has Been” to “What Can Be”

Purpose is not limited to the most privileged in society. It is something we all have. Do not judge or limit your thinking based on what you do or do not have. Becoming clear on your purpose can help motivate you to step beyond “what has been” and move toward “what can be.”

Once you are clear, there is a good possibility you will be motivated to exceed what you thought was impossible. What others have done or are doing doesn’t matter—it’s about you and your potential.

If you do not believe this, make the decision to give it a try:

  • Associate with people who believe in you
  • Seek clarity in your purpose
  • When you have clarity, find a way to help others identify THEIR purpose

My purpose is to help my family and others become all they are designed to be. I have realized that at the end of my life, I would like to reflect back and know I invested my limited time in ways that made life better for others.

What will you look back on at the end of your days?

Strategy as Compass

What you envision, you will become.

I remember having a desire to work for an international, publicly-traded company at the senior leader level. I wasn’t sure how I would do it, but I had a vision.

At the time, I did not personally know any Black leaders who had achieved my desire. I had only seen them in Black Enterprise and Jet magazines. From the images and information I saw, I developed this vision, through reflection, introspection and input from others. As I started to progress toward new opportunities, I realized it was important to adopt a strategic perspective when thinking about and visualizing my future life.

When strategy is discussed, it is normally in the context of an organization or business. I have come to the realization that strategy may be even MORE important in in life than in business.

A strategic approach to life allows us to avoid wasting time on things that do not align with our purpose and desires. Without this compass, life can take us on a journey that we may not want.

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