We often overcomplicate things and become disenchanted with self-help processes; as a result, we neglect setting meaningful goals. Using a simple process, with which you’re comfortable, may make it easier to reflect on the past year and establish meaningful goals for the this one.

Shifting our focus slightly from business or work, which often takes the largest portion of our days and attention, can pay dividends. Planning and goal setting in a holistic way can actually make us better at work–and in other parts of our lives. By holistic, I mean also looking at other important areas of life such as:

  • health,
  • family,
  • spiritual,
  • social,
  • cultural and
  • financial

Why? Because there is more to life than work, and at the end of your life, you will look back on other things besides the overtime you put in at work. In addition, having good balance in your life helps you succeed in all areas, including work and relationships.

I was thinking the other day that it feels as if the 2021 holiday season was literally yesterday, and we’ve just completed the 2022 season.

The year appears to have gone by very quickly. Before long, we will begin the process of thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2023, establishing goals and/or making New Year’s resolutions.

As we begin this process, it may be helpful to review what happened during 2022 current year. Taking the time to do this may be beneficial. It can provide perspective, and it could be the catalyst for success in 2023.

Review what Happened in 2022

Thoroughly review all of your life. To help with this, here are a few questions to consider asking yourself. Thinking these through and answering them honestly can serve as a great foundation as you begin to think about the goals you would like to focus on in 2023.

Some questions to consider are:

  1. What were your goals for 2022? Did you set a realistic number of goals?
  2. What did you accomplish? Are you pleased with these accomplishments?
  3. What are the best things that happened during the year? Were they expected or unexpected?
  4. How can you capitalize even more on these results?
  5. What were the worst things that happened? Were they expected or unexpected?
  6. What did you learn from these results? Can you apply these learnings next year for a different result?

I encourage you to ask these questions of yourself and perhaps, share them with others who may also want to engage in this process.

It may take some time to honestly answer these questions. But that investment will be worth it, believe me! We can’t change the future until we understand the past.

If things did not go as planned in 2022, why not? Answer truthfully to find your piece of the undesired outcome. By taking responsibility, you can look at changing your attitudes or behaviors in the new year for a different result.

Consider your responses to these questions as you begin the process of setting goals that will matter most to you for 2023.

As you set goals, again, consider all areas of your life. This should provide more meaning and may motivate you to stay focused on your goals.

Do it Now

Hurry, because as I mentioned earlier, time flies! 2023 will be gone before we know it. Let’s prepare and make it a great year.

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